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  • Wall dishes

    Our collection of wall signs are originally from England.
    Many of the wall boards on offer are from well-known brands such as Franklin Mint, Hummel or Royal Albert.

  • Animal figures

    Here you will find animal figures in different materials and shapes.

    For example: odor balls, teapots, wall plates, thimbles, figurines etc.

  • Other products

    In this category you will find all sorts of other collection products such as key rings, teapots, plugs, shakers, figurines and more. These and other products are in different shapes and materials.

  • Coca Cola

    Here you will find Coca Cola products in different materials and shapes.

  • Unique articles

    Unique gift and promotional gifts. These articles and sets have been released in-house in very small quantities, so you have a unique product in your hands. And yet very affordable.

    The porcelain prints are baked at 800 degrees, creating an indestructible quality. The image will not fade or fade.

    Find a unique high-quality cadeua in these sections. Nice to give and get.