Volkswagen Kever 1:43 Prototype 32 Steyr 1933 van Ferdinand Porsche
  • Volkswagen Kever 1:43 Prototype 32 Steyr 1933 van Ferdinand Porsche

Volkswagen Beetle 1:43 Prototype 32 Steyr 1933 of Ferdinand Porsche


Discover the unique Limited Edition Volkswagen Beetle, a prototype designed by Ferdinand Porsche and with a fascinating history. Originally offered to Daimler and later to NSU, this model was ultimately handcrafted in a limited edition (up to 50 units) as a scale model. Each model is carefully painted, making it truly unique. With dimensions of 9 cm x 5 cm and a height of 4 cm, this collector's item proudly stands on a base. This special model is a must-have for car enthusiasts and collectors, and its Dutch origin adds even more exclusivity to this limited edition of the famous Volkswagen Beetle.


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Long ago, there existed a legendary Volkswagen Beetle that stood above all others. But this was no ordinary Beetle; it was the prototype, the very first of its kind. This prototype was a masterpiece designed by none other than Ferdinand Porsche himself.

Interestingly, when Dr. Porsche presented his design to the Daimler company, they showed no interest. The prototype was then produced at the Zundapp factory for test drives. However, even Zundapp eventually lost interest, and Dr. Porsche was approached by NSU. After a series of tests, NSU also rejected the car, as they saw more potential in producing luxury vehicles.

In a very limited capacity, with a maximum of 50 units, a scale model of this prototype was created in-house. Each model was meticulously handcrafted and carefully painted, making every piece unique. The design, production, painting, and release of this model took place in the Netherlands.

The scale model proudly sits on a sturdy base. The dimensions of this base are 9 cm x 5 cm, and the overall height is 4 cm. It truly is a collector's item that will delight Volkswagen enthusiasts and model car collectors alike.

With its historical significance and limited edition status, this scale model is a valuable possession for collectors and car enthusiasts. It represents not only the beginning of an iconic automotive brand but also the craftsmanship and passion that accompany it.

Whether you are a Volkswagen fan, a model car enthusiast, or simply have a passion for unique pieces with a story, this limited edition scale model is a worthy addition to any collection. Let yourself be enchanted by the beauty and history of the legendary Volkswagen Beetle and cherish this piece of automotive history forever.

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