These conditions form part of all agreements, which are concluded by the buyer and supplier. After this, Speelgoedenverzel will be referred to as the supplier and the customer as the customer. Dutch law applies to all agreements and disputes between parties. The following delivery and payment conditions apply to all our products.

If you are not satisfied with the purchased item, we offer as a service the possibility to return the item. This can be done under the following conditions:
1. You must inform us within 7 days by e-mail of a return shipment.
2. The returned article must be in the same condition as you received it, including original packaging.
3. Postage costs for the return shipment are for your account.
4. Items purchased in the offer can not be returned.

When the returned item has been received by us and you meet the above conditions, the purchase price plus shipping costs will be refunded to your account. For the return address you have to ask this via the CUSTOMER SERVICE

All prices are including VAT. After you agree with the conditions and complete an order, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail. This order confirmation serves as an invoice. Payment of the purchase price must be paid within 10 days of the order date. If no payment has been made within this period, we will send you a reminder. Retrieving the articles in Aalsmeer is also possible. You will receive an invoice via e-mail after your order, so that you know what the costs are. Pick-up is only possible after making an appointment by telephone or e-mail. Payment details and / or collection address will be sent to you by e-mail.

We use PostNL or DHL for shipping. If the ordered article fits through the letterbox then you have the possibility to choose for mailbox (if it fits), package or insured package.
ATTENTION: We accept no liability for loss or damage during delivery by PostNL / DHL. If you want optimal security, please send a shipment by registered or insured. This is always advisable with larger amounts.

We keep your ordered items reserved for 10 days. After 7 days we will remind you by e-mail of the order. If there is no response to this e-mail, the items will go back to the sale. All items ordered will be delivered by us to PostNL / DHL after delivery of the payment on Monday to Friday following the payment receipt. We accept no liability for loss or damage during delivery by PostNL / DHL.

The personal data entered by you in the e-mail service are stored and are only used for the dissemination of advertising purposes of "Toy and Collecting". If you do not want to use this mailing list, you can always unsubscribe. All personal data is stored at the supplier and used exclusively for the processing of the order. The personal data will never be made available to third parties, if necessary for payment transactions and delivery of the order.

All photos and images that the customer provides to process on one of our products must be free of copyright. The customer must take care of this himself. The supplier receives images via various ways to use on the products. Supplier can not always retrieve the source of material sent to check if it is copyrighted. The supplier makes the greatest care with the use of photographs and images from free sources. In the unlikely event that there is an image in our assortment where copyright appears to be, please contact us immediately. We will then remove the products with this image or place the source on our site in consultation with the copyright holder.

Own imprint orders are made after the payment is met. Photos and images for own print items remain with the customer, provided that the payment obligation has been met. If an order has been given and the payment obligation has not been met, the images will be canceled by the supplier. The supplier can then use the images at his own discretion.

If there are complaints and / or ambiguities despite careful handling, please tell us. Together we look for a suitable solution to a problem. When placing an order you agree with these condition