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3D printed with synthetic resin

3D Printed with Resin: Unique Miniatures for Dollhouses

Welcome to our online store, where we offer an extensive collection of carefully designed and 3D printed miniatures for dollhouses. What sets our miniatures apart is that they are all self-designed and 3D drawn by us. With great pleasure and dedication, we have crafted every detail, giving each piece a unique character.

Our creative adventures began with the use of advanced 3D design software. With these powerful tools, we had the freedom to bring our own vision to life and perfect every accessory and decorative item down to the smallest details. We paid great attention to the authenticity and aesthetics of each design, ensuring our miniatures have a distinctive appeal.

The production process takes place in our own facility, where we utilize high-quality LCD printers. By using resin as the material, we can achieve detailed and durable 3D prints. The result is a beautiful collection of 3D printed miniatures ready to bring your dollhouse to life.

Our miniatures are delivered unfinished, just as they come out of the printer. This allows you to express your own creativity. You can paint, varnish, drill (at high speeds), sand, and apply other techniques to customize them to your personal style and the theme of your dollhouse. It's a fantastic way to add a personal touch and turn your dollhouse into a unique work of art.

We understand that dollhouses are a passion for many collectors and hobbyists, and we take pride in contributing to this special world. Our self-designed and 3D printed miniatures are made with love, offering you the opportunity to enrich your dollhouse world with high-quality and unique pieces.

Explore our extensive collection of carefully designed and 3D printed miniatures now. Be inspired by the possibilities they offer and create a unique and personalized dollhouse that reflects your own creativity. Give your dollhouse its own character and distinctive appeal with our beautiful self-designed miniatures.

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